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Last week, I got access to the new GitHub Actions v2.0, which is way different than the first version they have released. You can think of it as a world-class CI/CD solution GitHub Actions makes it easy to automate all your software workflows, now with... read more

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A few things to mention before starting: I'll assume that you have read my last article. I'll assume that you know how to work with Docker Swarm and Gitlab CI/CD. I'll assume that you have taken the time to read David NĂ©grier article Continuous... read more

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Every hosting company now provides a way for you to auto-create docker server using a one-click template they create. While this is an excellent way to set up your servers fast, I like to create my own using the base image for the operating system and... read more

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Today, I wake up to find out that someone was using my website as the source of an iframe tag used on another website. Thanks to Jeff Madsen for pointing out to the issue. Which surprised me, since the issue only visible to those who are living in NYC,... read more

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Running your tests before merging or even building Docker images are not complicated any more, we have many companies providing you with a CI service that you can use, but am not going to talk about them all, I am just going to talk about Docker Hub.... read more

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I always tried not to install any new services to my local machine, that's why from day one of using Mac (back in 2012) I worked with Vagrant then moved to mish-mash between Vagrant and Docker. However, sometimes you have to install some software that... read more

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Yesterday, I spent some times trying to understand the difference between Docker Cloud and Docker hub. In the past Docker Cloud used to have a lot of services and features, which was deprecated by Docker for some reasons, I think they added them to the... read more

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Before I can explain how you can install Swoole and use it with Laravel and Docker, I've to explain what is Swoole, and for that am going to quote the official explanation: Production-Grade Async programming Framework for PHP, which enable PHP... read more

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As everyone know, PHP 7.3 is going to be released soon, and what is the best way to be ready other than start testing your apps. To make things easier, I have built a small PHP docker image with Xdebug v2.7.0beta2-dev, it is built from the base PHP 7.3... read more

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Basically, I was able to move my Wordpress blog to Jigsaw using few articles I've read, so am not going to re-write what they have wrote, instead I'll point out to the articles and put small notes about what I've did as not everything worked with me out... read more