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Hi, let me introduce myself

Passionate about technology, have a Startup Spirit, always willing to learn new skills, in love with what I do, and the people around me consider me a perfectionist, but I still have a lot to learn and do till I can achieve this stage. I have been working in the web industry for more than 10y, and I always had pride in what I did, and I should be careful how I present it.


Syrian Virtual University, Damascus, Syria — Bachelor in Information Technology, 2008.Syrian Virtual University, Damascus, Syria — Higher National Diploma in Computing and Business Applications, 2006.Damascus University, Damascus, Syria — Certificate of Assistant Licentiate in Information Technology and Business, 2003.


Over the past few years, I have worked with many international companies, in The UK & US as a remote contractor.
My work included building Microservices, Backends and help planing for the deploy process based on the work needs.
I mostly use PHP (Symfony/Laravel/Lumen) as my main language to go.
You can view & read my CV which include more information about my work experience.
To read a complete list of my work history, I recommend that you visit my LinkedIn Page


Let's have a chat, just send me an email, and I'll reply back.

Skills & Experiences

Self-motivated to learn about the new technologies.Ability to work within a busy Startup environment (I had my own experience).Ability to use PHP programming language to implement efficient solutions.Ability to plan, design, and implement web application content and features.Familiar with source control (Git).Ability to use modern development tools, such as PHPStorm and Docker.Highly organized, detail oriented.
Experience with
LNMP Development Stack (Linux(Ubuntu), Nginx, MySQL, PHP), and nowadays I use this experience to build and maintain Docker images.Git Source Control and best practices (Branching etc.).PHP 5, OOP, MVC, REST.Laravel/Lumen Framework, I have been using Laravel since the day version 4 comes out in 2013.Symfony Framework (mostly to build CLI applications), I’ve used it to build projects like image-resizer, database-backup and delete-tweets.Unit tests, and PHPUnit (good experience).SQL database experience: MySQL, MariaDB.